Contest Procedure

The contest lasts 4 hours and includes 8 problems with topics listed below.

Topics to be proposed at the Olympiad

  • Synthesis of mechanisms;
  • Kinematics of flat mechanisms;
  • Force analysis of mechanisms;
  • Kinematic analysis of cam mechanisms;
  • Gearings (kinematics, geometry, efficiency);
  • Adjustment of dynamic characteristics, mechanical governors;
  • Balancing of mechanisms, and rotating masses.

Certificates and Diplomas

  • Attendance certificates for all participants;
  • Diplomas for three winning contestants in the individual competition;
  • Diplomas for three teams in the team competition;
  • Additional diplomas (optional), f. ex., for a perfect solution, will-to-win spirit.

Proposed Program

The first day

  • Accommodation of teams.
  • Cultural event.
  • Conference of team leaders.


The second day

  • Official Opening of the IOTMM 2013.
  • For the students: solving 8 contest problems – 4 hours.
  • For the guests and team supervisors: welcoming speeches of the team supervisors; round-table discussion on teaching TMM and Automotive and Road Engineering in different countries; discussion about the future cooperation with IAAREE for TMM education and coming Olympiads.
  • Cultural event.


The third day

  • Checking up the contest problems, Session of the Olympiad Jury Board.
  • Open lectures of scientists on modern achievements and perspectives in the field of TMM, and Automotive and Road Engineering.
  • Cultural event.


The fourth day

  • Session of the Appeals Committee.
  • Summing up the results of IOTMM 2013.
  • Cultural event.


The fifth day

  • Visiting Mikhail Kalashnikov Museum of Small Arms.
  • Official Close of the Olympiad. Awarding the winners.
  • Dinner party.


The sixth day

  • Departure of teams.