Dear colleagues,

Izhevsk State Technical University (ISTU) is pleased to invite university teams to participate in Students International Olympiad (SIO) on Mechanism and Machine Science (MMS) that will be held on 19-21 April, 2011. This first global Olympiad will be arranged following the decision of the Executive Council of International Federation for the Promotion of Mechanism and Machine Science (IFToMM).

In the framework of the Olympiad the welcome address of IFToMM President Prof. Marco Ceccarelli and lectures of the world leading professors on topical issues of MMS are planned.

The teams consisting of 3 bachelor and master students are invited to take part in the Olympiad.

The official language of the Olympiad is English.

The problems on the following topics will be proposed at the Olympiad.

  1. Structural analysis and synthesis of mechanisms
  2. Kinematics of flat mechanisms
  3. Force analysis of mechanisms
  4. Kinematic analysis of cam mechanisms
  5. Gearings (kinematics, geometry, efficiency)
  6. Adjustment of dynamic characteristics, mechanical governors
  7. Balancing of rotating masses

The trial problems for the Olympiad as well as the SIO Regulations, information about ISTU, accommodation and transportation details can be found here, at An application form for the participation in the Olympiad can also be found at . It should be filled out in the electronic form and send no later than 31 December, 2010.

The registration fee is 100 USD for each participant, which covers the participation in the Olympiad, meals and social program. An accommodation has to be covered by the participants extra.

You are welcome to address your inquiries and suggestions to the Organizing Committee (see Contacts)

Co-chairmen of the Olympiad Organizing Committee:

Prof. Boris Yakimovich

Boris Yakimovich, DSc, Professor
Rector of ISTU

Prof. Veniamin Goldfarb

Veniamin Goldfarb, DSc, Professor
Member of IFToMM Executive Council